The Animals Christmas Star  



Story and Illustrations by Carita Sundin

All Rights Reserved - Carita Sundin 

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An original and unique story based on a centuries-old Nordic Santa
who deeply cares for animals and who is deeply loved in Scandinavia.
This little mythical Santa is undoubtedly one who brings a caring spirit.

The main character of the story is a little girl who loves animals greatly
and holds a wish for that special magical Christmas Eve as she discovers
the true meaning of caring. She is hoping to learn the 'animals language'
so she can understand what animals really feel and think. The only way
that she will be able to learn is through meeting with the mythical Nordic
cousin of Santa who can speak perfectly the wondrous animals language.

She sets her firm intention to call upon this magical Santa as for her to be
able to meet him and get an excellent understanding of what animals feel
and think. Through this learning, she feels that she will be able to make a 
difference when it comes to helping animals in this world, a noble cause.

Underlying the story is the message that absolutely anything is possible
if there is a caring, determined spirit involved, a message which will live
for years to come in the minds of the young children who get this book.

This is the perfect Christmas story for boys and girls as they learn to
connect deeper with the animal kingdom. Let magic, caring and the
deep faith that anything is possible be the guiding Star for your child
towards his or hers greatest wish, one that comes true from caring.

his is a  physical book, one full of beautiful illustrations.

When you purchase it you will receive your book by mail.

Part of proceeds from this go to animal organizations we support.

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About the Author

Carita Sundin is the author and illustrator of this Christmas children`s book.
She grew up in Scandinavia where she heard about the mythical Nordic Santa
since she was a young girl. It was said that he would get very angry if anyone
would forget to look after all the animals. It is Carita`s intention to make the
Nordic Santa the perfect symbol for taking a proactive caring towards animals.

She is currently working on a fiction / personal development book that will be
released next. Carita is deeply connected to Nature and to all the Animals,
honoring and loving them through her creative expressions. To her, life is
journey of self-discovery and the power of finding inner purpose where
creativity, imagination and mystery all play an important part of life.

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